You need an application server like Tomcat, BlazeDS for Flex/Java communication. The Spring framework for easy backend connectivity and Castor for the Java client side serialization.

Further it is wise to have a Flex development environment for example FlexBuilder.

Create Xsd file

Paddle generates code based upon an Xsd file.

So create an Xsd file with the datatype and restriction descriptions of your project.

Paddle for it!

Besides the Xsd file the generator only needs a Java package name and your email address.

After the generator is finished an email is send to you with a download link to the generated sources.

Then the real work begins...


Yes we are are still working on Paddle to further improve functionality. Already Paddle may help you building faster Flex apps with Java.

Further you can participate in discussions about it and share your experiences with others.

The Person case

Based upon the following person.xsd Paddle generated the sources for the Person project.

Paddle Generator v0.2

Paddle is looking for Beta testers. Join by submitting your XSD.

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